Sigma Solve Volusion Experts Help Your eCommerce Store Dominate

Our developers take pride in the fact that Volusion has a name now synonymous with online ecommerce solutions. Volusion is a high-profile, dynamic online ecommerce platform that has everything you need to start your online business. From storefront to back-end technology and automated software systems, Volusion is a top-rated professional online solution for businesses who Read More

Sigma Solve- Introduced as Official Volusion Partners

Sigma Solve is proud to announce the launch of the Volusion Partner. We announced that, we were in the process of building a brand new web of collaborators to help better our ecommerce solution. After months of hard work and dedication from lots of people, we’re now proud to share the launch of the Volusion Read More

E-Commerce Development – An Effective Way to Actuate Your Business

There are so many companies in the open market for Volusion e-commerce development, just we have to choose one that can fulfill our business needs.In Volusion system among E-Commerce systems is the best sources like Shopify, Volusion, Big Commerce, Magento,Zen Cart, X-cart and many others. In there some of the open souce  free. E-Commerce is Read More

Unique Volusion Website For More Profit With Custom Template Design

Inrecent years, internet has added a new dimension to the business with global accessibility to infinite number of products and services. The grand Ecommerce platform encourages the sellers to put massive informational and promotional material on their websites for prospective buyers. The war and sport nature of business demands daring execution of new born ideas Read More

The Importance of Custom Template Design for Your Volusion Website!

Internet is a rapidly growing phenomenon which implies that ecommerce gets free license to change the way people trade. The volume of online business is increasing by the hour and everybody wants his bite, but only those are successful who continuously adapt to the ever changing dynamics of ecommerce. Since, your website is not only Read More

Volusion Template Design for Building Goodwill and Confidence in Your Online Store

Nothing to take away from its importance but the terms like ‘ecommerce’ or ‘online trading’ have actually become cliché in this era of computer technology. But the wider application and rapid access to the internet means that ecommerce is growing popular every day by attracting millions of buyers and sellers into it. More buyers require Read More

Improve the Output of Your Existing Volusion Store With Custom Template Design!

Over the decades, ecommerce has emerged as the most popular internet development which allows people to carry out their businesses without the barrier of time or distance. Real time nature of online trading provides an excellent platform to offer your products and services to rest of the world. Undoubtedly, it is not easy to make Read More

The Power of Volusion eCommerce Online Stores

There are many eCommerce and online shopping cart options on the market today. Some are proven, stable products with rich features and functionality. Some lack the functionality needed to achieve a competitive edge, promote customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Volusion eCommerce offers robust tools to build an online store or shopping cart and webstore environment Read More

Volusion Integration : API

Volusion has an interesting API. It allows you to somehow perform a “SQL query” in the URL. For example, if I want to query customer with the following SQL: SELECT CustomerID,BillingAddress1,City,CompanyName FROM Customer WHERE CompanyName=’WDCi’ I can achieve it with the following URL: http://<volusion_url>/net/WebService.aspx?Login=<login>&EncryptedPassword=<encrypted_password>&EDI_Name=GenericCustomers&SELECT_Columns=CustomerID,BillingAddress1,City,CompanyName&WHERE_Column=CompanyName&WHERE_Value=WDCi Referd BY:

Volusion eCommerce Will Benefit Your Business

The Volusion eCommerce solution provides a simple, quick way for small, medium and large enterprises to design, develop and launch an online shopping cart, or expand the business presence with additional, rich retail features and simple interactive tools to improve revenue. While Volusion eCommerce tools are designed for flexibility and simplicity, the solution does not Read More